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Loading & Unloading

Packing With Care

The key to storing or shipping your items successfully is determined by how you pack your boxes and how you load your storage container. Consider using quality packing supplies.  You’ll find the cost of supplies is small when compared to the cost of repairing or replacing broken or damaged belongings. The basic guidelines for smart packing are:

Packing Furniture

•  Wrap furniture with furniture pads or bubble wrap. When securing padding to your furniture, do not use tape directly on wood or painted surfaces.

•  Remove legs from furniture if possible. Place wing nuts or screws in envelopes or plastic bags and tape to the underside of furniture.

•  Coat fine wood furnishings with wax to protect against scratches.

•  Move dressers with contents in drawers to avoid packing again. Secure drawers to keep from opening during transit.

•  Consider hiring a specialist for packing and loading a piano.


Packing Electronics

•  Whenever possible use the original shipping boxes for packing computers, printers, and other electronic items. You might even consider double boxing. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for packing these items when available.

•  Immobilize moving parts and remove all detachable cables and wires. Color code or label wiring for easier reinstallation. Tape electrical cords to back of appliance to prevent plug damage. Wrap each piece with bubble wrap.


Non Allowable Items

• Before you start packing your PortaBox Storage container, it is important to understand which items cannot be stored or moved because they represent a hazard. Below is a list of some of the most common Non Allowable Items.

Aerosol cans, Asphalt shingles, automobile oils, car batteries, charcoal & charcoal lighter liquid, chemistry sets, cleaning solvents (all), combustible materials, cooking oils, flammable solids, fire extinguisher, fireworks, fertilizer, food of any kind (no food storage), gasoline, glycol, kerosene, lamps & candle oils, liquid bleach, lighters, lacquers, matches, nail polish & remover, oil-based paints, paints, paint thinners, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, pool chemicals, propane tanks, rubber tires, paper rolls. Any other substance or material prohibited by Federal, State & Local regulation & laws, or any other substance or material whose storage or use is regulated or prohibited by federal, state or local law, regulation, rule or ordinance. 

For more information on Packing Contents, Non Allowables, or Loading Your Container Tips please print our PDF forms below.

  Download A Printable Version Of The Loading Tips     

  Download A Printable Version Of The Non Allowables

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