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How PortaBox Works



1.  Tell Us How Many PortaBox Containers You Need
PortaBox Storage containers are smaller than our competitors and for good reasons. This means you don’t pay for unused space, or find yourself having to move a lot of items to access the one item you may be looking for. You can separate your items by categories or by room. Furnishings and clothing from your living room or bedroom are easily placed in a different container from items found in your garage, insuring that the horrible odors of oil, gas, or fertilizer will not be embedded in your mattresses, couches or clothes.
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2.  Tell Us Where You Want Your PortaBox Containers Delivered
PortaBox Storage will deliver as many containers as you need right to your home or business and position them with your convenience in mind. Up to eight containers can be delivered to you at a time for one delivery charge. If you order more storage containers than you end up using, you will receive a full credit for the unused containers. So, unlike larger storage containers from our competitors, you only pay for the storage space you use. (This only applies to our 5’x8’x8' (WxDxH) containers that are picked up and stored in our secure warehouse or relocated along the Wasatch Front).
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3.  Load On Your Time And At Your Convenience
With PortaBox Storage containers you only have to load your belongings once, meaning no loading everything into a truck and then unloading into a storage unit like with mini-storage facilities. Our containers are flush with the ground so you can walk right in and are built to accomodate up to 2000 pounds! Simply secure the container with your own lock or purchase one from us and we'll take care of the rest.
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4.  Store Your PortaBox Containers In Our Secure Warehouse Or Relocate Them To A New Location
PortaBox Storage will pick up your filled containers and store them in our secure warehouse or relocate them along the Wasatch Front to another location so you don't have to worry about transporting your belongings. Our warehouses are designed and maintained with the strictest of security and safety measures. Only you and the individuals you authorize are allowed access to your stored containers. Our warehouses are constantly monitored with motion sensors, video cameras, and fire systems so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe.
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5. Compare Our Services
Whether you are looking to relocate your belongings along the Wasatch Front, or just want temporary or long term storage, PortaBox Storage offers competitive solutions to suit your needs.
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