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Container delivery & Setup

PortaBox Storage containers are an easy and convenient alternative to truck rental and traditional storage. 

Our portable, on-demand storage containers are designed to:

• Fit into driveways or parking spaces at your home or apartment.

• Be safe and easy for you to load.

• Be stable on sloped or uneven surfaces when you're loading.

• Keep the elements out when at your location.

• Help prevent your belongings from shifting when the container is being moved.

• Prevent condensation, mold, and mildew from ruining your belongings.

• Remain securely locked when at your location and in our storage center.

PortaBox Storage containers offer the best way to organize your belongings. A  5’x8’x8’ (WxDxH) PortaBox containers hold about 1 ½ to 2 rooms full of furniture or up to 2,000 pounds. The floor of the storage container is only 4 inches off the ground, keeping things dry and making them much easier to load than a rental truck.

Once you've set your delivery date:

• Decide where you want your PortaBox placed. This may be in different locations depending on what you plan to load.

• The container footprint is 5’x8’x8’ (WxDxH).  You are going to want them placed on level ground or facing up an incline (so you wont be fighting your items as you load them).

The doors close tightly and you lock it with your own lock or purchase one from us.   No one but you can open your portable storage container.

Only Pay For The Storage Containers You Use
One of our customer care representatives will help you estimate the number of portable storage containers you will need. If you order more storage containers than you end up using, you will receive a full credit for the unused containers.  So, unlike larger storage containers from our competitors, you only pay for the storage space you use. (This only applies to our 5’x8’x8' (WxDxH) containers that are picked up and stored in our secure warehouse or relocated along the Wasatch Front).

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